Visual Step-by-Step Eye Makeup Tutorial

eye makeup

This is a basic sequence that makes practical sense. You can certainly skip steps, if you want. And of course the amount of time you spend on each feature will vary according to where you want the most emphasis. Just enjoy every minute you spend in front of the mirror.

It’s a great style for an over-the-top outfit or to add some visual interest to a more casual look!

Why is applying eye makeup important for gorgeous eyes? Your eyes are great communicators! They give your face energy, and regardless of their shape and size, they help make your own individuality. Eyes are the most attractive part of the body. It’s not a revelation that applying makeup on face, women pay very special attention to eyes, and eyes are truly the most important part in the process of makeup applying. And eyes certainly look great when they have a professional touch on them. If you just draw some lines with eye pencils or add some shine and brightness to your eyes, then all your face will change. Be beautiful!

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