Try Ombre Brunette Hair

ombre-brunette-hairAre you wondering what hair color to try next? Give this ombre bruntette hair a try for a cute new hair style.

Before you rush out to the store and buy any hair dye, you need to do some research. First, Google images of end result of the ombre brunette hair for people with the same hair color, hair texture and hair length.

Secondly, if you can’t pull off a great job by yourself at home, you should try the services of a professional stylist.

How to ombre brunette hair…

1. Dye your base color: Are you naturally dark brunette, but want the darkest tone to be medium brown? Then you need to dye your whole head your chose color first.

2. Mix up your peroxide as per instructions and start to bleach.

3. Start by dying the tips of your hair first. Really apply liberally and not too specifically. You want to avoid creating lines of obvious color change.

4. After your ten minutes are up, wash the dye off and dry it to see what result you have.

5. Reapply the dye mixture over the already dyed tips and work up the hair, an extra inch or so up the shaft. Depending on the result you got after ten minutes last time, leave it for your desired time.

6. After your second period of ten minutes (or so) is up, just reapply dye to the tips and shafts, again, coming an inch or so higher up the shaft, then waiting a further ten (or so) minutes. Continue this method until you have reached the highest area where you want your ombre color fade to start.

7. Wash out all the hair dye. Apply toner as per instructions. Wash and style.

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