Tips For The Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Look

perfect-eyesTry on the glam by perfecting the smokey eye makeup. Perfect for any glamorous occasion whether a night out with loved ones or friends, this is how to do it perfectly.

1.Gather all the makeup tools such as brushes that you need. Also, thoroughly clean your face to remove any previous makeup. Also, you should properly tweeze your eye brows before you get started.

2. Try out different eye shadow colors that would make the colors of your eyes pop. Try something extraordinary apart from grey or black.

3. Choose the perfect primer for the job.

4. Try out the perfect concealer to hide any dark circles under your eyes and to even out your skin tone.

5. Use a dark pencil liner to line your eyes perfectly.

6. Start applying your eye shadow. Don’t apply a thick layer all at once try different layers to perfect the look.

7. Apply mascara and to make the smokey eye look pop out, you should try fake lashes.

You are done! With this awesome smokey eye makeup look, you can look glamorous and fabulous for any occasion.

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