The Party Ponytail

party ponytail

The party ponytail is a typical hairstyle that has a apparently infinite number of variations. In fact, by changing the part, adding some twist or putting the final pony in a different spot, it’s a style you might likely wear in a party. Although quick ponytails are often related with going to casual dressing, it only takes a few changes to make it work as a party hairdo.

This is a great hairstyle for a fun night out. The party ponytail is easy to do.

If you need a similarly elegant hair do to complement your outfit. Why no shiny your hair in to a pony tail, a favorite stylishness with superstars such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. An easy hairstyle to do at home, first iron your mane straight and use a comb to smooth back your mane into a hair tie. Use gloss spray and hairspray to grip in place, covering a small piece of hair around the hair tie to cover and locked with hair grips. To finish, straighten above your pony tail to give your hair that pin straight star look! If you feel your mane is too short for this style, why not try clip in hair extensions to give your hair some extra extent this party season.

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