Sleek Braided Bun Tutorial

sleek braided bun

Braid the ponytail. If you braid it tightly the structure will show best once it’s wrapped in to a bun. I like this look best when it’s not too polished, so use pieces of hair that are slightly different in width or pull some ends out of the braid.

A striking, Sleek Braided Bun can really set an impression.

Sleek Braided Bun if you want something that’s both quick and classy, the Sleek Braided Bun is perfect for you. Braids have been in for awhile now, and buns have been in, so it was only a matter of time before they joined forces. Anyway, this style is also works for casual occasion like to work or a date. These beautiful styles will have you turning heads at your next summer event. Don’t wait for the weather to change before you try them!

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