How To Make Ombre Hair Work For You


Ombre hair seems to have been reincarnated in various forms for some time now be it dip dyed, two toned etc. Generally the ombre look can appear to look like lazy hair care in the form of bad regrowth.
Here are some tips to make the ombre hair work for you.
1. For long hair the ombre look works best when it is kept tonal. Keep the shade difference between 1 and three shades lighter than your natural shade for a softer look.
2. Keep in mind where the graduation of your color begins and how strong the color change is because if you make a big difference to your hair color you quite often need to change your make up color to suit.
3.For the best outcome take a picture of the look you want to your hairdresser and discuss exactly what you’re after.
4.If you must try this look yourself don’t be over confident. Start with subtle changes and work on the look over time.
It has worked on so many celebrities and other ladies that this look has become so trendy today! If you want to look fabulous, always make sure you do this dye job right and perfectly for a more glamorous look.