How to Make Bandana Headbands

bandana-headbandBandana headbands are accessories that will never go out of fashion. They are easy to wear and can rock any hairstyle.

Whether you need to relax on the beach without your hair on your face or are planning a night out with friends, a bandana headband will definitely bring out the glam and fabulous look you deserve.

However, without an idea on how to properly tie it on your head, you can either look disastrous or worse.

Here is a simple tutorial that shows how to make bandana headbands, perfect for the summertime.

1. Start by folding the bandana in half diagonally, then roll the triangle into a strip, beginning from largest part. How wide you make this strip will confirm how wide your handkerchief will at last be.

2. Continue coming in this same width the distance up to the top.

3. In the event that you need to wear a handkerchief around your head, and still show your hair, attempt wearing it in a charming headband style.

Rock that bandana headband with any bikini or swimsuit and have a relaxing day at the beach!
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