How to do Beachy Waves In Less Than 5 Minutes

5-minute-wavesBeachy waves need to be done right in order to rock this simple hairstyle to it’s fullest.

Here’s how you can do them in less than 5 minutes…

1. Using your fingers or a comb or brush, part the hair on your head down the middle, and swipe the two sections to either side of your neck.

2. Pick a side to start and do steps three through six to both of them one at a time.

3. With your two hands, twist your hair tightly until you’ve achieved a spiral look. Hold onto the ends with one hand and grab onto your straight iron/flat iron.

4. Run your hot straightener or your flat iron over the twist two or three times – be careful not to burn your hair, or yourself

5. Once you are done running the straightener or flat iron over the twist, let the twist go and now your hair is wavy!

Now wasn’t that easy just about the easiest thing you could do with your hair?

6. This final step is optional, if you want your hair to hold the curls. You should put hairspray or light gel in it. You can dampen your hair a little with mist from a spray bottle before putting in the holding product because this holds the hair longer.

And voila! Fun curly beachy waves. Have fun and don’t forget your sunscreen.

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