How To Do A Wrap Around Braid

wrap-around-braidThis picture of Selena Gomez’s wrap around braid is a good example of how beautiful a wrap around braid can be when it is done correctly. Check out the tutorial on how to recreate this hair style.

Remember, it only works perfectly for long hair. (Sorry if you have short hair!)

1. Start with wavy hair parted down the middle. Make your hair as wavy or un-wavy as you’d like. Pull your hair half-up leaving the front parts down for braiding.

2. Pin the hair back with some bobby pins.

3. French braid the front pieces of your hair “inside-out” style, or backwards. Stop adding hair to the braid when you reach your ear, then finish braiding all the way down and then secure with a clear elastic.

4. Loosen the braids a good amount. Loosen them so that you’ve almost made the braid flat. Wrap one of the braids around your hair and pin into place. Wrap the other braid around your head in the other direction and over top the other braid. Tuck the end of the top braid under the bottom braid.

5. You will need to go back and tuck the bottom braid under the top one again. Use bobby pins where needed. Once the braids are secured, you can take out the clear elastics holding the braids in. Done!

You should definitely do this hairstyle with dirty hair. Everything will hold much better!

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