How To Do A Bow Bun

bow-bun-tutorialThe bow bun, an easy, simple and elegant hairstyle to pull off in a matter of minutes. With these few outlined steps, you can rock the bow bun everyday, all day!

1. Tie hair up in a high bun at the top of your head leaving some hair loose at the front.

2. Split the bun into two halves and make sure the hair you left out at the front its all grouped together nicely.

3. Take the hair you left out at the front and take it back in between the two haves of the bun, bobby pinning it to the back of your bun.

And that’s it! There you have it! A quick and easy look for when you’re in a rush or simply cannot be bothered with the fuss of a more complicated look!

Whether you have messy hair, you can simply rock this simple hairstyle and no one will ever know your secret!

If you are planning brunch with your family on Sunday morning and you are too tired to pass by the hair stylist, try out the bow bun and look fashionable all through the event.

It’s also perfect for a day at the office! Keep it simple and real with the bow bun!

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