How To Create The Marble Effect For Nails

marble-effectThis is a simple, no-mess technique for creating interesting and fashionable marble effect nail art. Nail art trends are evolving rapidly, leaving only a small space open for traditional, solid-colored manicures.

1. Apply a base coat to your nails.

2. Once the base coat has completely dried, put some Vaseline, lip balm, or scotch tape around your nail. This will make the clean up process so much easier!

3. Take out as many colors that you want in the design.

4. Choose a bowl and fill it with water at room temperature.

5. Choose a polish and take out the wand. Don’t try to remove the polish drop on the tip of the brush. Hold it over the bowl, and the drop will fall in, and quickly move across the water’s surface. Repeat this with another polish until you have achieved the desired effect.

6. Taking a toothpick, divide the design in two and make as many designs and lines as preferred.

7. When done, dip your nail into bowl wait ten seconds for the outer nail polish to dry, and take out.Then with the toothpick in a spinning motion clean the nail polish in the bowl. Repeat this for all the other nails.

8. When dry, apply a top coat.

Remember, it may look messy at first but you could always remove the excess nail polish with nail polish remover!

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