How To Create A Perfect Pink Ombre

pink-ombreIf you love the ombre craze, you can always try out a pink ombre. Remember, your dye job can go wrong if not done perfectly therefore you need to take as much time as possible to make it perfect.

How to create a perfect pink ombre…

1. If you have dark hair, you could start by pre-lightening it to make sure the dye sets in perfectly.

2. Divide your hair into sections and use a light comb to dye it.

3. Remember, the perfect ombre starts with a darker top, a lighter middle and the lightest color at the tips. Therefore, cover up the areas that don’t need to be dyed with a plastic paper.

4. After applying the dye, wash it off after it has set in for a few minutes. Be careful that that the dye doesn’t run down to your clothes.

5. Blow dry and set your hair as desired.

Remember the color may fade after a few weeks therefore you can choose to do the whole procedure again to make sure it stays fresh everyday.

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