Do It Yourself Bandeau Top Tutorial

do-it-yourself-bandeau-tutorialA bandeau top will definitely revolutionize your summer this year!

If you are looking for a simple Do it Yourself Bandeau Top tutorial, you have come to the right place!

Finding a perfect fitting bandeau top can be a difficult task, especially for people with big busts. However, with this simple guide, you can use two different pieces of clothing to create a remarkable bandeau.

Creating the perfect bandeau…

Start by taking two pieces of contrasting spandex and twist together in front and tie in back. Spandex is available at most fabric stores and is the perfect choice for this simple procedure.

You might need to sew the breast covering part together if your chest is to exposed.Breezy bandeau bras are great for the summer.

They double as tank tops when they peek through your shirts, but they’re much more comfortable than regular tanks and bras during these unbearable, sweaty months.

Simply throw any matching shirt or light top on top of the bandeau and rock your summer this year with the perfect bandeau!
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