Different Ways To Wear Your Bangs


Here are some cool ways to style your bangs. With this guide you can forget about hair always being in your face especially on windy days!

1. Side French Braid – Start with small sections and french braid down to the side. Continue the braid so you can pin it to the side. Poof and pin and you’re done!

2. Braided Crown – Start on the mid-side on the left side, just above your ear and french braid up and around down to mid-side on the right hand side. It is a semi-braided crown. Don’t go all the way across. Simply put, it looks like a braided headband.

3. The Rope Braid – Same as the side French braid but a rope braid instead. Do one side and pin it up, but you could also just pull a piece from the other side as well.

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