Different Do-It-Yourself Hairstyles

DIY Gorgeous S-Braid Hairdo

S-braid hairstyle is super easy to do and looks very stunning. It is perfect for a party or a wedding. Just follow the three steps:

Photo Source : pinterest.com

Photo Source : pinterest.com

  • First you need to part your hair from front.
  • Then begin from one side make a thin braid and as you reach nearly to the ear length start taking hairs with gaps from the other side and complete a curve.
  • Then take hairs from the side where you started and again make a curved braid. You can make as much curves as you want

Have Fun!


DIY Criss-Cross Hair Bun

This is very simple and attractive hairstyle. You can wear this for dinner parties, occasions etc. goes well with any outfit and you can add pins, bun tie etc. to brighten it up. The greatest thing is that it takes less than five minutes. Just follow these easy 4 steps:

Photo Source: pinterest.com

Photo Source: pinterest.com

  • First create a sock bun from upper half of the hairs.
  • Then part the lower hair in half.
  • Take one part to the reverse side, wind it around the bun and locked with bobby pins.
  • Do the similar with the second portion so that it is crossing the first part.

You are ready to go!


DIY Vintage Hair style – Pinup Hairdo

Vintage is the fresh thing in fashion, according to some of the greatest well-known fashion icons. This tutorial will take you back to your grandma`s youth, as it shows a very idealistic wavy style pony tail.

Photo Source: allmakeuptricks.com

Photo Source: allmakeuptricks.com

  • Use vintage rolls, style your tresses.
  • Stop for a few hours and when you are ready to remove them, use hair spray to grasp the waves in place.
  • Slightly take the front wave and curl it on the upper of the head, locked with a bobby pin.
  • Repeat this step with the sides to get the old-fashioned look. In fact, if you want you can stop here, as it still looks stunning, but it will be even prettier if you create a wavy ponytail with the rest of the hair and locked with an elegant vintage bow.

There you have it!


DIY Braided Bun with Curls

Whether you are go to a wedding, partying tonight or just want to simply feel head-stopping glam walking down the road, now this is the best for you!

A simple 5 step way to glam up your do! Here’s how:

Photo Source: fashionandstyles.info

Photo Source: fashionandstyles.info

Tools: Bobby Pins, Hair spray, Elastic and Curling Iron

  • Make a ponytail.
  • Braid the whole ponytail .
  • When the braiding is done start to curl the braid in to a bun and locked with bobby pins.
  • After fully secured, with the curling iron, twist the section of hair not within the bun.
  • Use hair spray to retain your bun in place.

Your Done!